Handcrafted Wolf


Do you know that a wolf’s hearing is twenty times better than ours? Maybe it’s because he “has such big ears”?
Wolves are very intelligent and sociable animals. They live in watts. Family and loved ones are the most important for them.
Interestingly, did you know that yawning is “contagious” in the same way as for humans? 🙂

Our specimen is as big as 38cm. The wolf is wearing a chimney in the color of the sea. He won’t admit it himself, but I will tell you – it’s not because he is cold – he has thick fur. He just likes to dress trendy 🙂

Time needed to crochet the wolf:

  • around 10 hours

Availability: 1 in stock


  • Himalaya Dolphin Baby
  • anti-allergic filling
  • safety eyes

Pattern: Pica Pau

Size: 38 cm (15in) tall

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