Handcrafted Reindeer



  • antiallergic filling,
  • Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn


  • 50cm (26in) tall

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I’m reindeer – 50cm (20in) tall – handcrafted, crocheted toy.
I’m made from very soft yarn and I’m ready to be hugged! 🙂
Will you be my friend and take care of me?

Reindeer titbit:
It is one of the few animal species that can change the colour of the eyes. He also sees it in ultraviolet. It is an adaptive feature, because they live far away in the north, where there is not much daylight. So they change the colour of their eyes from golden to blue, depending on the season of the year and the day, so that they can see the surroundings better, especially the potential dangers.

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