Handcrafted Rabbit


This lovely rabbit can be a perfect gift for your beloved ones.

It is made out of the very soft yarn. If anyone can resist these lovely eyes?


Few interesting facts about me:

  • Rabbits have an incredibly wide field of view – 300 degrees! This is possible due to their laterally spaced eyes.
  • The rabbit’s teeth cut out and grow for life. During the year they grow from 8 to 12 centimetres, even 1 cm per month!


Please note that this crocheted toy is made to order. It means it can take around 1 week to be ready to be shipped to you. I will do my best though to shorten this time. As this toy is handcrafted, it may slightly different from the one in the picture – each one is unique!


Available on backorder


  • antiallergic filling,
  • Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn
  • safety eyes


  • 22cm (9 in)

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